Irish Broad Left is a new website that will be launched on Friday February 1, 2019. It is a broad and open forum for news, discussion and debate among Irish left activists, grassroots campaigns, community groups and NGOs, academics, political representatives and other individuals.

In particular, we aim to provide a platform for young people, women, and people from marginalised communities to contribute their views.

A publication committed to full gender equality

We are committed to fully implementing gender equality in our publication, and will ensure that at least 50% of our authors are women, and that at least 50% of the articles published on our site are written by women.

We will measure this commitment on a monthly basis and publish the statistics for authors and articles at the end of each month.

Organisation of the website

Irish Broad Left will be run entirely by volunteers and will not receive funding from any source. Articles reflect the views of the authors only.

Our website will be organised in the following sections: News, Politics, Economy, Society, International, History & Culture, and In Depth.

Irish Broad Left will publish articles relating to Irish, EU and international politics, economics, society, history, culture and political economy from a left perspective. This perspective will include the broad spectrum of the left, from the Marxist tradition through to social-democracy.

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