British Supreme Court rules Pat Finucane’s murder inquiry failed to meet human rights standards

Below are the collected public statements of Geraldine Finucane, Peter Madden and Madden & Finucane Solicitors on today’s ruling by the Supreme Court that the British government has not complied with its obligation under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights to hold an effective investigation into the […]

Venezuela’s oil reserves are behind Trump’s sudden ‘humanitarianism’

By Enda Fanning. US President Donald Trump wants to supply humanitarian aid to Venezuela “to help the millions and millions in need”. While trucks are gathered on the Colombian side of the border with Venezuela, both the Red Cross and the United Nations (UN) have slammed the proposed “politicised” aid. […]

How do we make the tech giants pay their fair share of tax?

By Verónica Grondona. Examples of massive corporate tax avoidance by multinational technology giants active in the digital economy have been widely covered in the media, prompting outrage among people across the world. So how do they get away with it? Google, Facebook, Amazon and Uber are all large enough companies […]

Now for NI: Fighting for abortion rights in the North

By Emma Campbell. Just last week Alliance for Choice in Belfast and Derry signed two letters – one was a joint letter from some of the pro-choice groups in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) to health minister Simon Harris TD about the shameful gaps and barriers built in to the […]

Captured states: When EU governments act as middlemen for corporate interests

By Vicky Cann. Do you know why the banks got their way after the financial crisis, while you shouldered the impacts of austerity? Or why our food will still be exposed to the dangerous pesticide glyphosate in the coming years? Or why the EU’s climate targets are much weaker than […]

EU endorses corporate power grab through secret investment courts

By Emma Clancy. This week the European Parliament voted to ratify the EU-Singapore free trade agreement, and voted separately to ratify the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement. The investment agreement includes an investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism, which is why it was voted on separately. Irish MEPs from Fine Gael were […]

Europe’s silence on Catalan show trial is inexcusable

By Matt Carthy MEP.The leaders of the EU Commission and member states, along with the majority of MEPs, remain totally silent in the face of the political trial of 12 Catalan social and political leaders in Spain’s Supreme Court, which began today. Some of the defendants face up to 25 […]

#MeToo: Women get organised against sexual harassment in the workplace

Guest post by Amelia Martínez Lobo. Over the past several months, workers in the European Parliament have organised a campaign against the sexist harassment and violence that we experience in the absence of guarantees and protection of actionable protocols. The #MeToo movement in the European Parliament has as its fundamental […]

Boycott Eurovision 2019: ‘Dare to Dream’ of freedom and justice in Palestine

By Zoë Lawlor. Last May, Netta Barzilai won the Eurovision Song Contest for Israel in Lisbon. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rushed to congratulate the winner, calling her “Israel’s greatest ambassador”. Just two days later, as Barzilai took to the stage at a victory concert in Tel Aviv, a […]