How do we replace private financial interests with social solidarity?

By Conor McCabe. Money exists in an opaque space, with its own language and gatekeepers to knowledge. As citizens, we are required to support the profit-seeking strategies of financial institutions, but we are not supposed to question those strategies, the logic that underpins them, nor the power relations that envelop […]

Sectarian discrimination still shapes Belfast’s housing crisis

By Pádraig Ó Meiscill. “(1) Allocation of Houses.The Government undertook to ensure that all housing authorities placed need in the forefront in the allocation of houses, and that future housing allocations would be carried out on the basis of a readily-understood and published scheme.” Not a fortnight ago, on the […]

The left must take the lead in building a new Ireland

By Seán MacBrádaigh. As we approach the centenary of Britain’s partition of Ireland it is important to reflect on how the events of that period continue to influence the reality of Ireland today; how the legacy of political conservatism can be overcome; and why socialists should lead the building of […]

Accounting for Influence: How the Big Four are embedded in EU tax avoidance policy

By Vicky Cann. We pay our taxes. So why don’t corporations? Billions of euros are lost each year due to corporate tax avoidance, depriving public budgets of much-needed resources to fund education, health care, social services, and much more. A study for the European Parliament has estimated that corporate tax […]