Below is a letter signed by 39 MEPs from three different political groups in the European Parliament, including five Irish MEPs, sent to the Presidents of the Council, Commission and European Parliament on February 4, condemning EU support for the attempted coup in Venezuela.

Letter in defence of a political dialogue in Venezuela, guaranteeing that Latin America and the Caribbean remains a zone of peace.

To the:
President of the European Council
Presidency of the Council of the EU
Permanent Representations of the EU Member States In copy:
President of the European Commission
President of the European Parliament

Brussels, 04 February 2019

We, the undersigned MEPs, are addressing you in order to condemn any expression of support provided to the ongoing coup attempt in Venezuela, as portrayed by the self-proclamation of Juan Guaidó as ‘Interim President’ of the country. This self-proclamation finds no background in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and was rejected at least by the Organisation of American States, the UN Security and Humans Rights Council, and the CARICOM.

The recognition of such a self-proclamation constitutes a severe threat to international law and the UN Charter, namely in what concerns the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

The EU institutions and Member States must not undermine the integrity of international law and of multilateralism. Such a position would only contribute to the further destabilisation and escalation of violence in a sovereign and independent country, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, thus deepening the risk of a foreign military intervention at the cost of the suffering and lives of the people of Venezuela, with unpredictable consequences both internally and in the South America and Caribbean region.

The EU institutions and Member States must commit to a position that, in respect of basic principles of International Law, affirm the need for a peaceful political solution built through political a peaceful dialogue, free from external interferences.

As such, we urge the EU Member States and the Council to embrace and support the joint invitation by Mexico and Uruguay, which reacting to the call of the UN Secretary General for dialogue, are calling for an International Conference on the 7th of February in Montevideo, aiming to establish the needed conditions for an inclusive political dialogue that could ease the tensions in Venezuela and seek solutions for a political exit of the current and dangerous situation.

The undersigned,

Ana Miranda
Ángela Vallina
Barbara Spinelli
Cornelia Ernst
Eleonora Forenza
Ernest Urtasun
Estefanía Torres
Gabi Zimmer
Georgi Pirinski
Helmut Scholz
Igor Soltes
Javier Couso
João Ferreira
João Pimenta Lopes
Josep-Maria Terricabras
Liadh Ní Riada
Lídia Senra
Luke Ming Flanagan
Lynn Boylan
Matt Carthy
Marie-Pierre Vieu
Marina Albiol Guzman
Martina Anderson
Martina Michels
Miguel Viegas
Miguel Urban
Molly Scott Cato
Neoklis Sylikiotis
Nikolaos Chountis
Paloma Lopez
Patricia Lalonde
Patrick Le Hyaric
Sabine Lösing
Sofia Sakorafa
Soraya Post
Tania González
Thomas Händel
Xabier Benito
Younous Omarjee

One thought on “Left MEPs condemn EU support for coup attempt in Venezuela

  1. I support this letter and believe the signatories are right to characterise the opposition to the government of Venezuela as an attempted coup. The US arrogantly describes the those countries to the south of it as ‘America’s backyard’ and believes it can do whatever it wants regardless of the consequences and cost in human lives and suffering. The EU should hang it’s head in same through it’s actions in aligning itself with this latest counter-revolutionary US intervention against a sovereign nation.

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