Brexit may force Irish poultry industry to compete with subsidised US factory farms

By Cillian Doyle. Consider this scenario: the year is 2020, Britain has left the European Union and signed a free trade deal with the United States, and the Irish poultry industry now faces stiff competition in its chief export market from highly subsidised US producers. Now ask yourself, how much […]

Inequality is at the heart of violence against women

By Emma McArdle. Domestic abuse: it’s an issue that is so common and quietly permitted in society that many people who are actually suffering don’t see it for what it is. The prevalence of domestic abuse is staggering. (I use the term ‘domestic abuse’ instead of ‘domestic violence’ because the […]

Fortress Europe’s brutality goes mainstream

Guest post by Jon S. Rodríguez Forrest. Last year more than 2,200 people died at sea while they were trying to reach the European Union. These deaths are not an unfortunate accident. These are murders, the direct consequence of political decisions taken by the coalition of Conservatives, Social Democrats, and […]