We invite submissions from activists in grassroots campaigns, community groups and NGOs, academics, political representatives and other individuals who want to contribute an article from a left perspective.

We particularly encourage young people, women, and members of marginalised communities to contribute. Our editorial team can also provide guidance and support to people who may not have a lot of writing experience.

As an all-island left website, we are also particularly interested in receiving submissions from progressives from a Unionist background.

Irish Broad Left has an open and non-sectarian approach to article submissions. While opinion and debate is welcome, only respectful debate will be published on our site and in our comments section.

While this is primarily a site for Irish activists, we also publish articles from European and international left activists. We are also happy to publicise announcements and upcoming events from Irish left campaign groups on our website.

Articles should generally be at least 500 words and maximum 1,000 words. 

News and announcements may be shorter.

If you want to submit a longer piece, we publish lengthy articles of up to 3,000 words in our In-Depth section.

Articles should be written in an accessible, journalistic style as opposed to an academic or jargonistic style.

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To submit a completed article, or to approach us about an article idea, please email us at using the subject line ‘Submission’.

Please include a brief 1-2 line description of yourself, which will be published at the end of the article as an ‘About the author’ section. This may include a link to your personal or organisation’s website and your Twitter handle.